Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Students Arrive

From previous experience the first few days are a mixture of greeting familiar places, helping my students start to become oriented and running around the city to take care of a long list of errands.

This should give you an idea:
Wednesday was the day the students were arriving. Because of the ash cloud, most of their flights were delayed and diverted. Yes, flights is written plural. I have eight students and, originally, five different times they were coming into Peretola. With the changes in flights this was reduced to four (yea!), but I was at the airport from 4:00 until 7:30 pm gathering up the first three groups. Many had to wait with me for a while because the flight delays were timed so they were not long enough to allow me to shuttle one group in and be back in time to meet the next without them waiting and wondering where I was. I did get that first group in , went to the apartments, showed them around the neighborhood a bit so they could get something to eat and off I went to meet the later students. Their flight was seriously delayed; it came in at 11:30. That's just about the same time that the last shuttle bus pulls out. OK, no choice but to take a taxi.

I think I got to sleep around 1:30.

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