Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun with Blogging

It all started with my university updating its email system.

In preparation, they made me discontinue the link I made from their ancient, not able to attach anything more than ten words in a Word document, email program, to Entourage.

Not that Entourage is all that fantastic, but it is compared to the regular email program that the university provides.

The whole system ended up crashing for over two days.

When I'm in Italy.

And I really need it.

So I had a great idea- I'll use my Gmail to send my friend a video from Italy. Yea!

The Gmail said, (if Gmail could talk) "Gee, Brian has never used me, and now he is suddenly using me and attaching a video, from a foreign country, no less. This can't be Brian!"

So immediately after sending the email, Gmail closed me out.

And gave people a notice here that the blog has been removed.

I was told I would have to give a cellphone number for a message to regain access.

I started to think if I gave them an Italian number, Gmail would be convinced- "This really can't be Brian, this isn't the phone number he gave us when he set up the account!" (Remember, this is Gmail talking, here)

So I followed the instructions for those poor, backward sods like me who would prefer to email a message. What I'd actually like would be interaction with a carbon-based life-form. Any ferret, or iguana would do.

Nothing happened.

So I gave them the Italian phone number.


It worked!

I'm back!

And now, for some I reason I had nothing to do with, I am a follower of my own blog.

Yea for techonlogy!

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  1. Loving the blog, Brian. Really, you have a way with words - I can imagine being there - and I haven't even made it to Florence yet!!

    Glad you arrived safe, and can't wait to hear about your continuing travels!!

    Enjoy yourselves!!