Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun with Blogging, Part II

Did you know that Apple makes a wonderful, stylish power adapter that I use to power and re-charge the batteries in my MacBook? Yes? Well, did you know that it is supposed to work with 120 aaaand 240 voltage? Yes?


Actually, if you try to use it with European current, you'll notice that right next to the magnetic piece that attaches to your computer it starts to turn brown. It may not happen right away, but happen it will. Especially if you watch movies (or try to for ten minutes) on the computer. I barely saw any of Amelie in Italian, or Samuel L. Jackson praising the Big Kahuna Burger in dubbed-in Italian. The computer doesn't receive power from the cord anymore.

That's because it's melting.

That's because it's burning.

It smells kinda weird.

And that is why, dear friend, I'm probably going to have to take this up when I get back from my travels on the 18th of June. Please allow for a bit of jet-lag.

I am now nearly using the last of my battery power that I stored up from using a student's power cord. Hers hadn't quite started to burn, yet.

I will be popping in to email places in Paris for the next week and keeping things short and sweet, so please email me.

It would be great to hear from you.

I will catch up.


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